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by:Ming Yu     2019-11-14
Until two weeks ago, Curry dosas was wrapped in a plastic file in the sirissey fast food and semins Somajiguda to bring up two thin-packed water deer and tomatoes.
Now, dosas can be seen on the leaves of the plantain.
There is a shopping center a few kilometers away that offers a refundable Rs package to shoppers. 25.
A vendor at Ameerpet refused to sell vegetables to customers without cloth bags.
Since the ban on plastic bags up to 40 microns in July 1, there have been some small moves across Hyderabad.
However, the Pragathi Nagar of Kukkatpally is unlikely to be impressed because its residents insist \"no.
Policy for plastic handbags since 2005.
They have shown how small changes in lifestyle can play a huge role in curbing the plastic threat.
\"Our Colony is completely forbidden to carry thin bags.
Even in the meat shop, the owner replaced the polyethylene cover with tin paper . \"
President Graham panchayat Kumari.
According to her, their success plan lies in their \"Let\'s talk\" policy.
\"We often talk to and motivate the owners.
If they do not take the necessary steps, we will close the store for one day.
\"The loss of the day is enough to get them into trouble,\" she said . \".
Subedar Venugopala Krishna Reddy, a technician in the Army, with the support and encouragement of the commander, has had an impact on the environment with his team.
For others, wasted things have become their \"green wealth\" because they effectively recycle used milk bags by creating nurseries. And the rain-water-
Harvesting pits built along the Alwal and Bolarum areas help increase soil moisture and increase the groundwater level in the area.
While these changes are welcome, many believe that a safe environment can only be ensured by a comprehensive ban. Says M.
Vijay Ram of the Emerald Matai store said, \"If you want to know how plastic messed up our sewers and lakes, people have to go to rural areas, see how the open space is converted into a dump.
Now, the one-time culture of the city has spread to villages. From ice-
\"The cream cups used to hold the bags, all forms of plastic are discarded without care,\" he said . \".
Abhinav Gangumalla Green in Hyderabad echoed these views.
\"The person who has benefited the most from this ban is the owner.
He would have given a plastic bag for free earlier, but now he charges. 2 for an eco-friendly cover.
\"His argument is that the government has not explicitly instructed the use of non-woven fabrics. “A non-
Woven fabric that looks like fabric is banned in Delhi but used here.
There should be no clear-
Cutting specifications about their use? ” he asks.
Experts agree that there is no
Plastic Society is not easy.
\"But this is not impossible.
Most of the changes must come from citizens.
We have been concerned about the environment over the years.
For our children, let\'s start at least now and do our part, \"said Vijay Ram. Eco-
On September 1, the friendly GaneshasVinayaka Chavithi will re-focus on the use of artificial and natural colors.
Five eco-products launched by Emerald Mattel
Friendly Ganeshas about eight years ago.
Now that the number has risen to 1000, Vijay Ram says it\'s a positive change.
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