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HUNAN MINGYU - Agriculture nonwoven fabric





              reicrop and Texpun UV are used in greenhouses and for outdoor crops. They are suitable for use with strawberries, 

       tomatoes, spinach, Swiss chard, melon, broccoli, courgettes, cauliflower, cabbages, turnips, parsley, cucumbers, carrots, celery, 

  pumpkin, watermelon, iceberg lettuce, lettuce, peppers, leeks, potatoes, chicory, etc. Greenwoven is a new NV Evolutia soil 

  covering fabric developed for controlling weed growth in greenhouses, gardens and crop farming in general. Greenwoven 

 weed growth control fabric is placed directly onto the soil and openings made to allow plants and crops to grow.

     SOIL COVERING FOR AGRICULTURE: Nonwovens Reicrop, Texpun UV and Greenwoven have been developed as an alternative for 

                                                                                         agriculture. They act by protecting plants against weather and attacks by fungi, insects and bacteria and also for weed eradication.

        USES OF SOIL COVERINGS REICROP AND TEXPUN: The soil coverings Texpun Reicrop and are used for:  coverings for greenhouses;

                                                                                         floating blankets placed directly on the ground to protect plants from frost and plagues;  as individual bags to protect fruit and to 

                                                                                         cover public areas to prevent weed growth.

         USES OF GREENWOVEN SOIL COVERINGS: Greenwoven permeable fabric is free of chemicals and placed on top of the soil to inhibit

                                                                                         weed growth. Its structure allows air, water and nutrients to pass through it to the plant roots.


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