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The technical criteria for MINGYU disposable non woven fabrics includes sufficient strength and extensibility to withstand high-speed converting processes; a balance of softness and rigidity to accommodate both packaging and the intended use; fluid transport; absorption, containment, or repellency; porosity; and density.

Types of disposable non woven fabrics converted products include:
  • baby diapers

  • adult incontinence products

  • feminie hygiene products

  • medical products

  • wipes

Durable (extended- and limited-use) MINGYU non woven fabrics generally are used in roll form by other processing or fabrication industries. They are manufactured to fairly rigid engineering specifications, and they compete on an intensive cost-performance basis with industrial woven and knitted textile fabrics, technical papers, and specialty films.

Types of durable non woven fabrics converted products include:
  • filtration media

  • protective apparel

  • interlinings

  • home furnishings

  • geotextiles

  • agricultural fabrics

  • automotive fabrics

Possible end application areas are further for non woven fabrics:
  • agriculture & landscaping
    crop covers, turf protection products, nursery over wintering, weed control fabrics, root bags, containers, capillary matting

  • automotive
    trunk applications, floor cover, side liners, front and back liners, wheelhouse covers, rear shelf trim panel covers,  listings, cover slip sheets, foam reinforcements, transmission oil filters, door trim panel carpets/padding, molded headliner substrates, hood silencer pads, seat applications,dash insulators, carpet tufting fabric and under padding

  • clothing
    interlinings, glove and clothing insulation, bra and shoulder padding, handbag components, shoe components

  • construction
    roofing and tile underlayment, accoustical ceilings, insulation, house wrap, pipe wrap

  • geotextiles
    asphalt overlay, road and railroad beds, soil stabilization, drainage, deam an stream embankments, gold and tennis courts, artifical turf, sedimentation and erosion, control, pond liners

  • health care
    orthopedic padding, dental bibs, sterile packing, electrodes, oxygenators, dialyzers, transdermal drug delivery, surgical (mask, cap, gown)

  • home furnishings
    furniture construction sheeting, insulations (arm and back), cushion ticking, dust covers, decking, skirt linings, pull strips, bedding construction sheeting, quilt backing, dust covers, flanging, spring wrap, insulators, quilt backing, blankets, wall covering backing, accoustical wall covering, upholstery backings, pillow, pillow cases, window treatments, drapery components, carpet backings, mattress pad components

  • household
    aprons, scouring pads, fabric softener sheets, tea bags, washing cloths, ironing board pads

  • industrial / military
    filters, wipers, semiconductor polishing pads, tapes, reinforced plastic, flame barriers, conveyor belts, cable insulation, protective clothing, lubrication pads, cleam room apparel

  • leisure / travel
    sleeping bags, tarpaulins, cosmetic applicators, hand warmers, vacuum cleaner bags, bugg pads

  • school / office
    book covers, mailing envelopes, mags, signs, pennants, towels, pen nibs

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