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Hunan Mingyu - SMS nonwoven fabric




      This is a high coverage nonwoven fabric. Its low weight, high longitudinal and transversal strength and soft feel make

 it suitable for use in the medical and hygiene industry. It can be given special treatments to give it certain properties 

            (hydrophilic, anti-bacterial, oil-repellent, alcohol-repellent and blood-repellent).

                                                                                            NV Evolutia, conversion and distribution of SMS. High coverage with low weight nonwoven fabric. SMS consists of continuous 

                                                                                       100% polypropylene (PP) threads arranged at random and thermally welded by a calendering process, or Spunlaid thermobonded 

                                                                                       method, plus a meltblown layer and then another of spunbonded polypropylene.


                                                                                       SMS PROPERTIES: longitudinal and transverse strength, weight between 15 g/m² and 200 g/m². Soft touch.

                                                                                       SMS MEASUREMENTS: Multiples of 320 centimetres metres wide.

                                                                                       SMS FINISHES: Oval or diamond calender. Choice of colours, including different colours on either side.

                                                                                       SMS SPECIAL TREATMENTS: With suitable treatments during the SMS manufacturing process, different product types can be obtained for specific applications.

                                                                                          * HYDROPHILIC: SMS is normally hydrophobic, but hydrophilic treatment will enable liquids to pass through.

                                                                                          * ANTIBACTERIAL: Fibres with antibacterial treatment protect the material from bacteria and fungi.

                                                                                          * ANTI-MITE: Fibres with an anti-mite treatment that protects the material from dust mites.

                                                                                          * ANTI-STATIC: Treatment helps neutralize static electric charges in the fabric.

                                                                                          * ALCOHOL AND BLOOD REPELLENT: Treatment against alcohol and blood helps repel these substances so the product can be used in the medical and health sector.

                                                                                          * OIL-REPELLENT: The oil repellent treatment helps repel oil and can be used for applications where this is required.

                                                                                          * HYDROSTATIC PRESSURE RESISTANCE.

                                                                                       SMS APPLICATIONS: Advertising and digital printing, industrial uses, single-use items, medical and health.


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