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Mingyu Agricaltural Nonwoven fabrics


Agricultural nonwoven fabrics are usually made of polypropylene filament fibers by hot pressing. It is equipped for good air permeability, heat preservation, moisture retention and a certain transparency. According to its thickness, mesh size, color and other specifications, it can be used as insulation and moisturizing covering materials, sunshade materials, isolation cushion materials, packaging materials and so on.


The transmittance of agricultural nonwovens decreases with the increase of thickness. The transmittance of 16g/m2 white nonwovens is 85.6%, while that of 30g/m2 is only about 60%. The air permeability of non-woven fabrics decreases with the increase of thickness, and increases with the increase of external wind speed and temperature difference between inside and outside. The heat preservation and warming of non-woven fabrics are affected not only by their own thickness and mesh size, but also by external factors such as weather, covering form and so on. The lower the external temperature is, the better the thermal insulation effect is; the insulation effect of covering in the greenhouse is better than that of covering in the open field. The warming in sunny days is better than that in cloudy and rainy days. Because of the temperature difference between inside and outside of non-woven fabrics, water film is often formed in the micropore of nonwoven fabrics. In frost season, frost layer can be formed on water film, which can play a better role in thermal insulation and heat preservation. Especially when the soil and air humidity are relatively high, water film is more complete and its heat preservation is better.


Product parameters:

Material: PP (polypropylene)

Weight: 12-100g/m2

Width: 15cm - 320cm

Category: PP spunbonded nonwovens

Application: Agricultural/lawn greening/seedling raising/heat preservation and moisture preservation/insect control, bird control, dust control, weed control/non-woven fabric

Brand: Mingyu Nonwoven

Packaging: Plastic Film Rolling Packaging

Performance: anti-aging, anti-bacterial mildew, flame retardant, air permeability, heat preservation and moisturization,environment-friendly

The features of agricultural nonwoven fabric:

1. Strong toughness, sunlight resistance, remarkable weed control effect

2. Good air permeability, promoting soil loosening and improving soil compaction.

3. Good water permeability, ventilation, moisturizing, fertilizing, time-saving, labor-saving, ventilation, rain, water and fertilizer directly penetrating the soil through the cloth.

4. Long-term moisturizing, keeping the soil moist, reducing artificial watering.

5. Increasing  fertilizer  utilization rate and nutrient uptaken by crops, so as to increase production and income.

6. A certain thermal insulation effect.

7. Degradable materials not bring white pollution. No harm to crops. The rapid propagation and reproduction for probiotics such as microbial organic fertilizer applied in pastoral areas.


The advantages of agricultural non-woven fabric film:

Bio-nonwoven herbicide film: yield increased by 13.6% - 27.3%, morbidity decreased by 1.2% - 3.4%, labor saved by 80%, and Soil Microenvironment  improved.

Fruit growth protection bags: The yield of bagging was 22%-30% higher than that of non-bagging, a rate of pests controling by 90%.

Winter Proofing Cover for Fruit: compared with non-covering, the percentage of fruit falling and rotting decreased by 75% and 60% respectively, the yield increased about 15% and the mature period earlier than 5-7 days .

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