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MingYu Mid-Autumn festival leisure two-day tour


In order to enrich the leisure cultural life of the staff, enhance the communication between the staff and increase the cohesion of the team,Hunan Ming Yu Nonwovens Co., Ltd specially held the theme of "guangzhou zengcheng Mid-Autumn festival leisure two-day tour" outside activities.

On September 13, 2019, on a crisp autumn day, the team members of mingyu company gathered at the gate of the company and started a two-day tour to guangzhou with high spirits.After a long drive, we came to the temple of Repay kindness in zengcheng of guangzhou with excited mood. 

It was a temple of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism, and the people were simple. Although the temple was small, it was made of blue bricks and green tiles, with painted eaves and carved beams.Temple inside the ash carving, wood carving, stone carving, murals and so on.Eaves engraved with a variety of patterns and words, front door above the figure of eight immortals particularly eye-catching.There are statues of mascots on the roof.According to the introduction, the ancient pagoda on the treasure gourd brake or copper casting.

Three in the afternoon, we went to the guangzhou the hot springs hotel, relax us work long hours spent a tired body and mind, fully relax, feel the beauty spa, just this day is a traditional Chinese festival, the Mid-Autumn festival, so we also carried out in the evening, enjoy the feelings of the Chinese traditional festival of the thick festal atmosphere, guess lantern riddles, eating moon cakes, moon, be short of one cannot.

During the two-day trip, we had fun in the journey, felt the long-term cultural deposits of China, or relaxed in hot springs. We spent this complete and different Mid-Autumn festival with our company staff, and appreciated the time-honored truth of traditional culture.We from strange to know, from know to know.In the team travel, should festival for family reunion, company employees, together as a family spent two days journey, improve the team cohesion, also let us to reflect on, to introspection, how we seek common ground while putting aside differences, in the work ourselves, our enterprises how to like the whole like the sea.Let us continue to move forward in solving problems, and lay a solid foundation for the company to build on past achievements and scale new heights.

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