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Colored non-woven fabric under polypropylene


Polypropylene (PP)


Very light bai plastic, density is only 0.9g/cm3

No need to preheat and dry


1. Easy to dye

2. Good moisture resistance

3. Good chemical resistance

4. High hinge characteristics

5. Impact resistance


1. It is not easy to extrude complex aliens

2. Easily decomposed by ultraviolet rays

3. Not easy to join

4. Easy to oxidize


Water pipes, film, tape, wire shielding materials, containers, car bumpers, dashboards, hinges

Co-polypropylene is a polymer obtained by copolymerizing propylene and other small molecules as monomers. Generally, propylene/ethylene copolymerization is the main method, which can improve the toughness of PP.

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