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What Is Non-woven Polypropylene Fabric?


What Is Non-woven Polypropylene Fabric?

It mainly consisted by polypropylene material,some sorts of thick non woven material will add cotton and polyester material in,

pp non woven fabric will decompose naturally if placed outdoors,non woven polypropylene material its maximum life period is only 90 days,

If place indoor non woven fabric life time lasts 5 years,When burning, it is non-toxic, 

odorless and without any residual substances unless dust, so non woven cloth does not pollute the environment.

 Therefore, we say non woven polypropylene is Eco-friendly.

The term non-fabric polypropylene fabric is mostly used in the textile manufacturing industry to refer to materials that are neither knitted nor woven.


The non-woven fabrics are commonly defined as web structures or sheet bonded together chemically, thermally, 

or mechanically. They are tufted porous or flat sheets made directly by plastic film, separate fibers, or plastic. Since they are not made by knitting or weaving, 

the non-woven fabric does not require any fiber conversion to yarn.

From non woven cloth suppliers they provide different types of non woven fabric roll,that`s the raw material for making different products.

The non-woven polypropylene fabrics are durable and have a limited life of only one use. They provide a specific function such as liquid repellency, resilience, absorbency filtration, 

and acoustic insulation among others. The materials have multiple applications. They are used for:

Therapeutic Purposes
The non-woven fabric materials are used in the medical industry to make surgical gowns, isolation gowns, surgical masks, caps, surgical covers, gloves, bath wipes, plasters, and shoe covers.

Making Filters
The materials are used in making water, coffee and tea bags, bag filters and liquid cartridge, vacuum bags, mineral processing, and allergen membranes.

Geotextiles are made using the non-woven materials that are stronger as compared to the woven materials of the same thickness. 

The geotextiles containers are sued for erosion control, roadway underlayment, soil stabilization, and canals construction. 

They are also used for making drainage systems, canal water barriers, landfill liners, and frost protection.

pp non woven shopping tote carry bag

a lot of companies and organizations use non-woven bags for an promotion tool.

they print a company`s brand name and slogan on it and give them to their clients in place of choosing plastic totes. 

They normally use lively colours that makes these shopping bags fashionable and loved by the clients.

Additionally, non woven laminated bags are long-lasting. They could be used thousands of times and can continue nearly five years.

 In addition, they could be used to carry heavy items, and they’ll not break or tear, 

different from plastic ones that may only carry a specific weight. As well, they could be used by numerous things. 

You are able to use them to carry household goods or bring them to the shopping mall to load up your new type of clothes, 

you can also even utilize them on specific events rather than a purse. And they’re super light and could be easily packed and saved anyplace.

Non woven interlining
Nonwoven interlinings in garments are integrated material into clothing while having apparel production to carry out a variety of capabilities. 

The processing methods utilized could be dived into stitched and glued interlinings (fusible interlining).
The usually used type is spunbond light-weight nonwoven from 10gsm to 30gsm. 

It’s long lasting with higher stength and consistency. Water resistant interlining is thermal bonded. 

Polyester nonwoven especially created for rainwear pieces goods.

 Thermal bonded nonwoven can tolerate the commerical clear process.

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