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recycled tires rubber mats: how they are processed and where to purchase them

by:Ming Yu     2019-11-18
Introduction to rubber pads made of recycled tires many countries have banned the disposal of vehicle tires, but there are hundreds of companies in the world specializing in recycled tires, which helps to solve the problem of tire disposal.
From re-laying roads and moving runways to making carpet tiles and rubber carpets, recycled tires are used for any amount of stuff.
Recycled tires are also used to make colored, durable and non-colored rubber padsslip.
This is another article on recycling tire use, where we look at the methods used to produce rubber pads for household and industrial use.
We first outlined the composition of the car tires and how to recycle them in a professional factory.
Recycling tires into waste rubber is currently used in two processes for the production of waste rubber: 1.
Mechanical crushing-the tires are crushed by the machine. 2.
Low temperature-the tire is frozen in liquid nitrogen and then broken into small pieces.
We will consider the mechanical crushing process described below.
At the tire recycling facility, the waste tires are fed into the separator to effectively divide them into two halves.
They are then passed on to the shredder, which cuts them into two square pieces of rubber.
Then put these pieces through the grinder into the tiny particles known as breadcrumbs rubber, remove the wire, filter and screen through the magnet, remove the dust and fabric debris, after which it is ready.
This breadcrumbs rubber is the basic recycled material for the production of various rubber pads.
The waste rubber is processed into rubber materials. There are various processes for the production of rubber plates for the manufacture of mats. the following processes: mats made of waste rubber when tires are manufactured.
Part of the process includes vulcanization, which needs to be reversed before the rubber can be reused.
As a result, the bread crumbs rubber is subjected to de-vulcanization. In a typical
Vulcanization processing technology, adding a regeneration agent and oil to the waste rubber, the solution is fed into the mixer.
Here, the solution is subjected to high temperature without oxygen and continues to stir for about 8 hours. Once de-
After vulcanization, pour the rubber solution into the roller system where the rubber solution is involved in a rubber plate of various thickness and surface finish.
In the production of the mat, the sheets can be processed to obtain a smooth or rough pile finish before being cut to the required size.
Smooth and stacked rubber sheets can be punched to produce the efficient scraping quality required for the door
Cushion, can be embossed with color pattern or company logo.
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At present, many companies around the world provide tire recycling facilities to help solve tire handling problems.
In these facilities, the tires are cut into small pieces called breadcrumbs rubber, which is the basic part used in the production of rubber pads.
Rubber crumbs need to go
Vulcanization is carried out before converting into a rubber sheet, and the rubber sheet is used again to make various types of rubber pads.
Rubber pads made of recycled tires can be ordinary, stacked or patterned, both durable and durableslip.
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