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Noise Control

by:Ming Yu     2020-07-23
Envirotech Systems comes with the wide range of solutions to your industrial noise issues. Excessive noise in industrial and manufacturing settings not only reduces productivity, it puts workers' health at risk. Exposure to loud noise causes stress and hearing injury. We have assisted numerous companies in protecting their workers' health
We gives a complete distinct Class 'A' rated noise absorption items which will satisfy the most stringent code requirements to All Manufacturing, Heavy Machine plant, Grinding, Assembly operations and Distribution Centers , which require acoustic treatments fulfill out the noise Standard
Acoustic Panels, Baffles and Curtains are simply a sample of choices that reduce overall noise and control reverberation in factories, processing plants and other industrial settings by trapping and dissipating sound waves all year round. Most of our industrial noise control products are produced from Class 1 fire-rated contents.
Automotive Noise Test Booth / Anechoic Chamber
Our modular Soundproofing systems and Anechoic and Reverberation Chambers with RF & MRI shielding are widely used by manufacturers for product testing and development process , via universities and hospitals for scientific and medical look.
Acoustic Products For Commercial
We aim at offer the beauty of real world with outstanding design , which derive from acoustical success. Acoustic ceiling Tiles and Acoustic wall Tiles are available in various design and sizes to afford the modular look to your interior . WoodTrends ceiling and wall systems are offered in both non-acoustic and acoustical products. Acoustics are achieved by an involving slots, grooves, or perforations with standard or custom patterns readily available. All acoustic panels come using a standard black woven textile acoustical backing. Additional absorption can be achieved by adding a layer of fiberglass and high quality of Sound proof curtains along with Foam.
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