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back up claims of \'flushable\' wipes, utilities in canada tell manufacturers

by:Ming Yu     2019-12-01
They were advertised as fresh, clean alternatives to toilet paperbut waste-
Water companies across Canada say personal wipes are making sewage blockages, costing Canadian taxpayers at least $0. 25 billion a year.
Sewage treatment experts in Canada, United StatesS.
On top of that, they are also trying to sell the masses the areas they need to update, and recently a cheeky British spokeswoman called on the public to \"talk about your ass\" in an advertisement \".
\"At the same time, manufacturers say wipes are being favored by homeless people from waste --
The water officer and Flushing are completely safe.
Nevertheless, the municipal enforcement sewer use group (MESUG)
Comprised of 25 Canadian communities, they want to have a federal standard to ensure a more honest label for wipes and other products that they insist are unsafe.
These include: it is said that the flushing toilet cleaning sponge, cotton strip applicator, even plush, more
Toilet paper.
While these products and personal wipes may easily rotate the toilet, experts say they will not break up and on their way to the processing plant they will cause serious problems through an aging sewage system.
\"If we don\'t deal with this, Canadian taxpayers will wash away millions of dollars,\" said Barry Orr . \"
Water with MESUG
This is not a hot topic. it\'s an out-of-sight, out-of-mind situation.
People want to flush things off the toilet and then don\'t want to think about it anymore.
But for me, it\'s all
We must make this information public.
\"In fact, Mr. Orr said many municipal officials believe that Mr. mehsug\'s estimate of the cost of $0. 25 billion a year is low and that wipes will cause greater losses.
$6 personal wipes-
North America has one billion Industries and is expected to grow by six percentage points a year over the next five years. In both the U. S.
And Canada, manufacturers voluntarily test the liquidity of the product, but federal law does not require third
Evaluation or verification.
As a result, Orr and his sewage expert colleagues have been urging manufacturers, including Kimberly, for the past two years
Clark, Johnson and nice
Association of Pakistan and non-woven industries-known as INDA —
Solve this problem.
Speaking at a meeting earlier this year, Orr said: \"We had discussions with them and we wanted to do some understanding and ask what they did to change the labeling of these products.
\"We have not made any progress;
They don\'t seem to be very interested in our position.
Eric Brunner of Kimberly
Clark did not agree. He said his company
Popular manufacturer of wet wipes for Cottonelle-
Work closely with the industry. \"Kimberly-
Clark is working on waste-
\"The water community to ensure that the sewage system works properly and educate consumers about what is safe flushing and what is not flushing,\" he said in an interview at Dallas corporate headquarters . \".
\"But if we put the security tag on, we will stick to that.
We have conducted a series of industry tests on these products. . . .
I certainly know that our products perform well in laboratory testing and on-site testing to ensure mobility.
Bruna and officials in Nice
Pak, who claims to be \"the world\'s leading wet wipes producer\", \"for example, 90 of the problems handled by the public sector in the wood clo area involve products that should never be washed off the toilet, and it was labeled like this.
\"They are looking for things like paper towels, women\'s hygiene items, diapers and baby wipes.
\"We think it is very important for consumers to read labels,\" Brunner said . \".
\"One of the problems I am facing is when it is found that 90 of the products that cause the utility problem are actually products that cause the utility problem, why pay attention to these products, not flushing, it is also not washable. \"Added Nice-
Pak said in a statement: \"The last four forensic studies have not found flushing wipes in the pump blockage, and less than ten percent of the material found on the entrance screen has been identified
\"INDA, in fact, said its test proved that the Washable wipes would not clog the municipal pipes.
They pointed their fingers to the baby wipes, hard.
Non-surface wipesItems that can be washed
Nevertheless, the consumer report tested several brands of wipes, which were marked flush and found to be in the toilet when the toilet paper broke after about 8 seconds.
Rinse simulator.
Orr agreed that the baby wipes were washed off the toilet and caused a blockage, but insisted that the personal wipes were also part of the problem.
The MESUG members, who have set traps in Ontario\'s municipalities, are capturing hundreds of Washable wipes, said Orr.
The situation is the same across the country, officials of B PentictonC.
Recently publicly complained about wipes.
In the fight against personal wipes, Canadian utilities are not alone. In the U. S.
The Washington Suburban Health Council has spent $1 million to install powerful grinding machines to crush wet wipes on their way to the treatment plant.
Hundreds of people have also been invested in utility companies.
Time to clear pipes and repair damaged sewers.
It accused wet wipes of clogging up the sewage, causing the sewage to flow into the stream or into the basement of the house.
This summer, in the west of New York, utility officials installed filters in the often clogged pipe section to determine which households were responsible.
They then contacted the residents and begged them to stop washing wet wipes.
A few months ago in England, a 15-
A ton of wipes and cooking grease-
British nickname \"Fatberg\"
After residents complained that their toilets would not flush, they were found in London\'s sewers.
Mr. Orr said it was only a matter of time before a similar phenomenon caused serious damage in Canada.
\"There needs to be a federal, centralized standard, otherwise we will soon be dealing with our own, very expensive Fatberg.
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