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what is microfiber fabric?

by:Ming Yu     2019-11-02
Microfibers are very small synthetic fibers that are woven, woven together or used to make non-woven fabrics.
The microfiber fabric is widely used, widely used and popular.
The length of the line that makes up the microfibre fabric is less than 1 dan, or about half of the wire.
Some microfibre fabrics use strands with a diameter of only 10 microns or about 1 micron.
A tenth as thick as human hair.
Most microfiber fabrics are made from synthetic materials such as polyester, nylon and polyamide.
These materials are usually combined with a variety of other materials such as polypropylene.
In cleaning cloth, sportswear, sleeping bag insulation, tablecloth, furniture cover and cloth diapers, the microfiber fabric is very common.
They are particularly valuable for durability and stains
There is a lot of resistance in interior decoration, curtains, duvets and pillowcases.
The super-fiber cloth is light in weight, strong in absorption, and not easy to stain and fold.
Electrostatic charged microfibre fabrics can pick up small particles such as dust without using a clean solvent, while leaving no lint.
When washed with detergent free of oil, soap and fabric softener, the use of the microfiber fabric is longer.
The fabric may absorb these additives, thus keeping the smell.
Environmental activists say they are concerned that microfiber is made from non-renewable resources and cannot be biodegradable.
Synthetic fiber fabric invented by Dr.
Okamoto Sanji in early 1970. Dr.
Hikota Toyohiko developed ultrasonic waves, the first major commercial microfiber fabric.
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