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what is double knit fabric?

by:Ming Yu     2019-11-25
Double knit fabric is a medium to heavyweight textile that can be used in a variety of garments.
Unlike most knitted fabrics, the knitted fabric is used for clothing that requires stretching to fit properly, and the unique structure of the double knit leads to a very stable fabric, suitable for items where the weight will be distorted with any other knit fabric.
The double knit fabric consists of two sets of needles, which are recycled before and after.
These rings are intertwined, so the two layers are intertwined and will not be separated.
This leads to a tight fabric that is twice the thickness of a normal fabric and has a firm stability compared to the fabric.
According to www. original, the double knitted fabric originated in Italy. fabrics-manufacturers. com.
Because the unique structure of the double knit fabric is critical to the stability of the textile-
Rather than relying on the stability of the fiber itself-
The material used to build this fabric can make a big difference.
Natural fibers like silk and synthetic fibers like polyester can be used to make double-layer knitting.
Cotton and artificial silk are popular options for double knit structures. The double-
The needle structure of these fabrics causes the fabric to be different from a single knit fabric and the edges are not curled.
Because the knitted ring forms the front and back of the fabric, it can be reversible-
Or either side can be used as \"right side \".
Double knit fabric also has folds
Resistant, making it the ideal travel wardrobe.
The weight and stability of double knitted fabrics are unique in knitting products.
Thanks to these features, it can be used for items that are usually reserved for woven fabrics, including jackets, trousers and skirts.
If the items are made from a single knit fabric, they will be deformed and stretched while wearing.
Since the edges are not curled, the double knit fabric can even be used for bandages.
Double-layer knitted fabrics can generally withstand dry cleaning and do not shrink.
However, care should be taken when washing any fabric.
It is recommended to clean any fabric according to the fabric construction fiber.
Cotton may shrink and polyester should not be affected by high temperatures such as iron.
If the double knit fabric is a mixture of fabrics, please note that it is treated according to the more delicate fibers in the mixture.
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