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what is chiffon fabric?

by:Ming Yu     2019-11-17
Chiffon is a lightweight, transparent, plain woven fabric that can be made from cotton, silk, or synthetic fibers.
It is defined by the weaving type, twist and weight of the yarn used.
Clothes, shirts, ribbons, scarves and underwear worn at night are usually made of chiffon fabric.
The chiffon fabric is made of balanced plain fabric.
This means that the warp yarn and weft yarn on the loom are of the same weight, woven in a basic way under staggered patterns, giving the fabric a board appearance.
Yarn alternating S-for weaving chiffon fabric-twist and Z-
Twisted yarn.
Crepes yarn has a lot of twists and turns per inch. S-
Yarn is spun in one direction by twisting, while Z-
Spin into hemp yarn in the opposite direction.
Alternative use of S-twist and Z-
The twist line refers to the slight shrinkage of the fabric in different directions.
Chiffon fabric with fine mesh-
Give it a transparent look like a weave.
Transparency means that special techniques must be used when sewing chiffon fabrics, as stitching is shown on the right side of the garment.
The stitching must be very neat and narrow, and the seams and darts are kept to a minimum to improve the look of the finished product.
The chiffon fabric is easy to wear and tear, so French seams are usually sewn to prevent wear and tear of finished garments.
Prevent excessive wear in advance
Wash the chiffon fabric and sew in one row of stitches along any original edge.
The silk fabric is so thin and slippery that it is difficult to cut and sew.
When cutting the pattern, it should be in
Slide surface, can be sandwiched between the tissue layer when cutting to prevent the paper towel from slipping.
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