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Shingles - a Decent Roof For All Roof

by:Ming Yu     2020-07-19
The final stage of construction is the installation of a roof. The main quality of roofing materials - beauty, reliability and reasonable cost. One rule coatings is by far the flexible shingles. Its popularity, she won by rich colors, length of service, speed of installation, trouble-free installation possible on roofs with complex (rounded) configuration and the appropriate value. This roofing material well 'adapted' to the geometric errors of your roof and the inevitable deformations that will occur as a result of shrinkage of the structure, or other factors.
Shingles is a small tile sizes with sculptured cut-off edge. Options for that form of tile, are generally three basic several: scales, rectangles, diamonds (most common), and other brands. The size of the elements are all the same with a symmetrical arrangement. While some companies offer products with a chaotic arrangement of openings, such tiles is that would simulate drankovoy roof. Due to colors, it includes throughout 30 colors. Some designs have an uneven color, darkening from the center into the edge of the tile, thus creating the effect of volume. The info is this 'Exclusive' somewhat more.
The structure of the shingles rather simple. Used as the basis of non-woven glass fiber that's impregnated on both sides of oxidised or modified bitumen. The material is waterproof and resistant to wide temperature fluctuations. To guard against UV rays and adverse weather conditions, the top layer of basalt covered with slate or granulate. Small colored beads with the addition of pigment in them, supply the tiles a variety of shades. The other side of the canvas is included with a continuous layer of self-adhesive rezinobituma along with a protective film that end up being removed during installation. Treated in this way a sheet, cut into equal parts and get the tiles.
Soft tile is laid on the roof with a slope of at least 12 degrees. A bad idea for installation in wet weather, in rain, snow and temperatures below 5 degrees (although still negative temperature assembly is possible under certain conditions). For skates and cornices should use an unique Konkovo-eaves tiles, it is in each chain. But here, perhaps an alternative solution - the the majority of use of porcelain tiles. To serve as a flexible roof longer, it needed to provide a dry and flat base (sheathing), and also a good under-roof air movement. For long term storage shingles should avoid direct experience of sunlight on it, that would not damage the adhesive layer and so as to avoid gluing the tiles.
Prominent manufacturers of shingles are constantly improving their products. For example, Tegola produces models the place where a protective layer of copper plates are. The main color of the cover of this - a brilliant, which over the years become a greenish patina, as in this collection of 'gold' and 'Titanium - Zinc.' Tegola company for a long time it takes lidiluyuschie position in the ranking of manufacturers of roofing materials.
Manufactured by it soft tile combines superior quality and reliability. Shingles carpeting sound insulator Tegola, is not be more responsive to rot and rust, does not burn, does not require touch-up, as well as silent while it is raining. Able to withstand everywhere temperatures, as well as it shifts. For the manufacture of shingles Tegola used as the basis for glass cleaner and a special bitumen compound i'm able to SBS modifier. These materials have unique characteristics that supplies a maximum resistance of tile to UV radiation and allow you to increase the strength of the finished product by approximately 30% compared to similar materials.
After this, made use of in the manufacture of one other innovation - trehfraktsionny keramizirovanny basalt granules. He applied to the upper layer of shingles to rate it color and protect the surface from sunlight and various mechanical damage. Each year, the firm improves its Tegola technology is newer and offers design and technical solutions in the production of roofing materials.
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