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Ming Yu Top bonded fabric Suppliers for handbag

Ming Yu Top bonded fabric Suppliers for handbag

Ming Yu Top bonded fabric Suppliers for handbag

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Assembly was a bit difficult. Definitely need someone handy to assist. Chair itself is comfortable and does what a gaming chair should.
Awesome chair and very comfortable.
Chair has been great the past 6 months
As of right now the chair is amazing and super easy to put together. Can sit in this chair day and night with out issues.
great....love it!!!!!!
It’s a good chair to relax in
Great chair, I use it for working at my computer all day. Its comfortable and well built. I dont use the head reat pillow since I am too tall, but that isn't a problem for me.
My husband got this chair as a gift. He is a video game streamer and is often in this chair for hours at a time. He says it is incredible how his back no longer hurts as a result of the support and the cloth on the seat doesn't peel since it is made of real leather.
One part came damaged but was replaced. Good gaming chair.
I got this as a Christmas gift for my husband. He says it's awesome.
Great looking chair and comfy too! Great chair for the cost for any gamer. Also the chair had a broken piece when delivered, but after contacting the company, they were friendly, quick and efficient at getting us a replacement piece. Thank you!
I was reluctant at first to purchase these as I wanted cotton curtains. However, these have not produced any smell whatsoever which makes me a little more confident in my purchase even with them being polyester. The first photo shows how effective it is at blocking light. This was a requirement by my husband. The second photo shows how lovely the drapes hang, almost like pinch please curtains. I do have to pull them that way to align properly, but it's not a lot of work. The third photo shows how nice the stitching is and that the backing is the same color as the front. The final photo is of the back tabs of the curtains for reference in how they hang on the rods. In regards to the company: I had to contact them with an issue on one of the pairs of curtains I purchased. I sent a message at night and heard back the next morning. They immediately rectified the issue without any run around--which says a lot for companies in this day of age!
I ordered 6 pair in the dark gray. They look great, feel great, and really block almost 100% of light in my bedroom - and I have quite a few Windows. Hung them straight out of the package. I have recommended them to a few of my friends already. I paid full price and chose these after much research. I definitely recommend these.
These curtains turned out amazing! They are super soft and luxurious looking. I do with they were slightly thicker in order to block more light, they are not true "black out" curtains but they certainly black 90% of the light coming in. I also love that you can hang them via the individual tabs or the full rod pocket. I do not plan on washing them unless the bottoms get dirty from sweeping against the floor, I'd consider having them dry cleaned to be careful of a washing machine tearing them apart. The quality seems good but you just never know with curtains if they will survive a washing machine. Overall these were a great purchase, I'm very happy and would recommend them especially for the money. Also all the seams seemed to be well stitched in my opinion.
With Christmas guests due to arrive, I realized my guest room, which doubles as a guest nursery for my little grandson, needed something more attractive that dark sheets over the windows! These blackout curtains did the trick! They are thick and heavy, so they hang nicely. They're dark so they do, in fact, work as blackout curtains. They look nice, too. My only ordering error was in getting curtain rods that were't wide enough. You want the curtains to extend beyond the window frame to truly block out the light, so get rods that are, at least, 8"-12" wider than the window itself (so they'll extend 4"-6" on each side beyond the window frame)
These curtains are great. They block out light really well. We have blinds and these curtains and you can’t tell any light is on inside from outside our apartment at night. My fiance and I work the night shift, so when we wake up to use the restroom we don’t want to be smacked by light if we still need to sleep a little longer. There is some light at the top but that’s because our curtain rod is so far from the wall. Can’t say much about energy efficiency as far as our bill yet cause we haven’t had them for a full billing cycle, however I have noticed when we turn down the AC it cools very quickly now. When we used to adjust the thermostat, it would take an hour just to drop a few degrees and now it’s barely 10 minutes before we feel the difference. Great product, will be buying more soon since I need an extra panel. TLDR: Blocks out light great. Can’t hear community kids at the playground in front of our unit screaming all day. Cools apartment way faster now.
I can use on multi fabrics.
Excellent color. Quality of thread is perfect. Will be buying more when I run out.
Great product. Exactly as described. Arrived fast.
I won't have to buy white thread for quite a while.
Good quality lots of thread
Very nice
Good lite thread.
My local dollar store used the sell these spools of thread for $2.00. Sadly, they no longer sell this product. I needed this color for my pillow covers that I am currently making. This over priced thread would have to do.
I was in search of true blackout curtains and these, unfortunately, did not fit the bill. I would hesitate to even call them "room darkening," but I guess they technically darken a room as much as any other piece of fabric. To test the light-blocking property, I put a curtain against a window receiving indirect sunlight that has wooden blinds and was disappointed to see that I could clearly see the lines of light in between each blind. I ordered these in "grey white," which I thought might be a very light grey, but it ended up just looking like a dingy white - as in maybe these curtains were supposed to be white, but got washed with a shirt or a pair of jeans that bled. I can't speak to the energy efficiency or noise cancellation as these didn't make it up onto the curtain rod. Maybe I would have had better luck with a darker color, but returned these in favor of the Nicetown ones marked "100% blackout" in "Pure White" and was generally pleased with my second purchase.
These are absolutely wonderful for the price! The curtains are good solid material and if you want blackout ones these would be great. We ordered sort of a medium color tan and if you got anything darker you wouldn't see a thing! I like the way they were designed so that you don't have to have rings unless you want them to hang them up. I don't think you could do better for this price.
The color that came was perfect. They are nice fabric, and we're a replacement for some brown curtains I had. They really brightened up the room colorwise. They don't block light as well as the other curtains I had, however I actually like that. They are very private and no one can see in, but during the day, just a bit of light cones through them and help keep the room a little brighter when I have my curtains closed. Personally, I'm very happy with these curtains
The curtains are as they were described and appeared in the picture. I used them in my living room, so I am not sure about the black out feature of them. They are not very heavy, so I am not sure about the thermal ability of these curtains, but I will find out when it gets colder. I love the back tabs that allow you to make them look like the curtains are pinch pleats. All in all, they were worth the money I paid for them.
These curtains do a good job of blocking light, but holy cow are they ugly. If I weren’t needing them for my immediate situation, I would have sent them back. The material is very unattractive and the bottoms weren’t sewn evenly.
I really like this curtains. They are made of high quality materials and the shape and color were better than expected. The are pretty much all I was looking for to block the light on my bedroom. I Highly recommend these one.
These are nice, high quality curtains. They are very heavy and great material. I got the gray color and I wouldn't say they are "blackout". They are definitely room darkening, but I have some curtains in another room that are more blackout than these curtains. I think they are wonderful for the price.
Color wasn’t as purple as the picture, but they block out the light completely. I thought they would be white on one side to reflect the sun and not absorb heat like other blackout curtains, but they are colored on both sides. The quality seems great. So far so good.
Although the curtain works as stated, I did not realize there were no tie backs with it. Not real fond of polyester, buy it works in a pinch.
I ordered 2 sets of these to hang in the same large picture window. Even though I ordered them at the same time and they both had the same "grey" color... they are very different colors and I can't hang them together. One is actually a little more purple than grey. The quality is good and they do block the light. I just can't use them together and fortunately, one set proved adequate for the window I used them for.
The color is ok it looked a little darker in the picture but it is ok. It works well as a room darkening curtain. We use it in our living room and it does block the light.
Great buy. The material has a very nice feel to it. Soft, almost silky feel. So far it’s holding the cold and light from getting in. The best part I think is the multiple options for hanging. The only downfall so far is no ties that some of the other blinds have but if you’re a little crafty you can make your own.
Compared to my old Pottery Barn drapes, these only block about half the amount of light. I've seen worse, though. The quality is pretty decent. I'm giving 4 stars because of the low price. Note that these come 2 panels in 1 package.
Very nice except color I ordered turquoise. NOT. Much deeper with more blue. They are generous size, have back tabs, quality is there. The side facing out is same color as curtain color. HOA won't approve. I am bummed.
Eeeh this product does the job you can still see light through but its very very dim the materiel is thin and cheaper than I thought but it gets the job done
I am a night shift nurse and these curtains work great for blocking the light! my room gets completely dark, I use these with regular blinds behind them, the only issue is the light peeking through at the top of the curtain rod but that is not an issue with the curtains, its the rod. These are perfect for anyone needing to sleep during the day!
These are great! We bought the cappuccino color and are so glad we selected the color. It is a soft color and really makes are living room cozy. The curtains have a soft texture and keeps our living room temperature much warmer. We are SO happy with our purchase. I would buy them again for other rooms in our home.
A really lovely shower curtain. Exactly like picture. The material is soft and strong and hangs beautifully. If you are seeking something to brighten your Bathroom as well as adding a classy feel please try this, you will be glad you did. Yvonne Miller.
Very happy with how well light is blocked. Could make the product better by including tie backs but works well in my manufactured home.
These are just your basic curtains. I toss them in the washing machine from time to time, tumble dry, hang them back up. No wrinkles, nothing special, but they look just fine.
Great curtains, darkens room and reduced outside noise a little. But I didn't buy for noise reduction. Bought to make room dark, and they do that very well.
I ordered 2 sets because of a wide door and we need one set to open in the middle. The darkening is amazing!! Love the color & feel of the fabric.
This office chair is comfortable. I like that I can sit in the chair for hours and have my back not hurt me. Because of back issues like sciatica, I use a backjoy with the chair to eliminate potential pain and discomfort. The backjoy helps me sit up straight too. This is the most comfortable office chair I have owned. It was recommended to me by a friend. The reason I don't love it is that I still need a backjoy for more comfort. It is one of the best office chairs I have sat in for a long period of time which is comfortable for that long. I bought a second one for my spouse for his office too.
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