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Ming Yu punched bonded fabric spandex for package

Ming Yu punched bonded fabric spandex for package

Ming Yu punched bonded fabric spandex for package

6000 yard
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ISO9001 quality certification, the European Union EN- 71, SGS, ROHS, REACH, California proposal 65, 7P/17P, PRT, ATC, CFR-1633 latest standard test.
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Company Advantages
1. Ming Yu non woven polyester is provided by a team of highly experienced workers. It stands out for its good acid and alkali resistance
2. It gains favorable comments from customers in the respect of realizing user customization. It is extremely durable as the short and long fibers are bonded together through chemical formula and treatments
3. We have expanded the quality inspection system from products to include product parts. The product has a good barrier effect on moisture, bacteria, and dust
4. With a relatively long service life, the product brings more economic benefits to customers. The product is both reusable and recyclable

Company Features
1. The outstanding advantage of Hunan Ming Yu Nonwovens Co., Ltd is the strong manufacturing capability in non woven polyester . We have become an expert in this field.
2. Hunan Ming Yu Nonwovens Co., Ltd strictly manufactures bonded fabric according to international standards.
3. We hope to become a great leader in this industry. We have the vision and courage to imagine new products, and then pull together the talented people and resources to make them a reality.
Comfortable chair I recomed it
For the price you can't really ask for more. Decent chair.
Profile: 5' 9" 165lbs Athletic build To start off, this isn't as comfortable as I thought it would be. The seat itself is pretty hard, and I game for a few hours at a time at least. Actually as I'm writing this, I just finished a couple hours of gaming and my glutes are already a little uncomfortable. The sides of the seat are pretty narrow. The overall length from back to front of the seat is also kind of shallow if you're using the lumbar pillow. I like that the arms can rotate out and in, but along with some other reviews I read, they are both wobbly like they're loose. Also not padded at all; just medium sized rubber arm rests. Moving up to the backrest, I like the high back and resting my head on the back pillow is very comfy. With that said, I haven't figured a way to tighten it, so once I'm propped up against the pillow, I'm good. If I move or get up for water or anything, pillow falls, have to adjust it back up, then pin my head back to keep it in place. It's getting kind of annoying although that's probably more of a personal thing. On to the bottom, it can sit really low if I ever needed a children's desk to work from. It doesn't go up as high as I hoped. Last but not least, I noticed others had problems with a smell...I have the same issue. It has a strong permanent marker kind of smell to it and just sitting here now invades my nose with every breath I take. Aesthetics: 5/5 - Looks great! Love the look and style and everything seems to be built pretty solid. Comfort: 2/5 - Not so comfortable as I had hoped. Seat is narrow if using the lumbar support, and if you don't use the support, it's a wasted pillow. - Neck pillow is comfortable but once it's loose so I'm having to adjust it again and again if I sit forward or get up out of the chair. - Overall it's fine but in terms of comfort and including price, I have an office chair at work that's way more comfortable, priced the same, and it's also ergonomic. I can sit for long periods of time in that chair and not feel the soreness in my glutes like I do with this chair. Price: 3/5 - You get what you pay for. It's a decent price for the chair overall, but it's lacking the comfort that gamers need. I can't imagine someone from Pro League sitting on this for 8+ hours during a tournament and that's the whole market this chair is targeting. I have some friends that have the DXracer chairs and they're pretty comfy but they're also in the range of $300+ . Sorry to plug another company's product here but there's a clear difference between the 2 despite them looking very similar. As mentioned, you get what you pay for.
Amazing chair. Recommend it. Arrived quick as well.
Good chair. Excellent quality and really good customer service :)
Is good chair. With good customer support. Nothing to say really
I absolutely love the chair
So, I had high hopes for this chair since it was a bit more expensive than the other budget gaming chairs on Amazon. As of right now, I can say that I am 100% satisfied with the quality of the seat and it's super comfy and actually arrived two days earlier than Amazon said. I do, however, have a few complaints which is why I am only giving this 4 stars. The first is obviously the insane shipping costs, which doesn't really make sense since judging by the quick arrival it was shipped from nearby and not somewhere in China, which would validate a high shipping cost. The second problem I had with this chair is the wheels. the wheels on my last chair were super rolly and these feel kind of slow and sluggish and don't turn smoothly. The last and major complaint is the assembly. The assembly of this chair was a NIGHTMARE. NIGHTMARE! It took me about 2 hours and 30 minutes to assemble due to the fact that there are no included instructions. There was added difficulty when the holes cut in the leather for the top of the seat were about a cm off from where the hole where the screw was supposed to fit. This led to me mutilating the sides of my brand new chair, which were luckily covered up by the plastic covering on the side. This was the cause of so much stress for me so BE WARNED. Overall, the final product is great!
It’s a beautiful chair and fit and finish looks premium m. awesome Looks and feels premium for the price. Customer support is even better. It matches premium brands as they were really quick to respond to a small problem I had and they are sending me a new part to replace the old one. Thanks for giving a value product.
Just received and put the chair together yesterday, and while the quality isn't too bad for the price. The chair itself is absolutely not meant for anyone who has much of a butt or thighs, sadly with the way the angles on the side of the seat are, it's quite painful to sit for any length of time at all. Would recommend as a great chair for a child or young adult who has more of a slender/average build.
at first it was a really good chair till about a week ago it just started tilting to the side a bit then a couple days ago it started leaning forward quite a bit as you can see in the photos. I would contact them but i can't seem to find a email address or a phone number. Hopefully we can resolve this. After talking to the company they are going to send a new mechanism and hopefully everything will work out.
So far the chair has met my expectations. I'm about 5'7", 200lbs and I find it comfortable. The pillows are hard at the start but soften over time. I haven't noticed any build issues and the instructions were straightforward. Would buy again
Easy to build.
Love it! It was everything as described! It's comfortable! I would purchase again!
Very nice...
To sit in
If you want a dxracer but dont have that kind of money get this chair
Great chair that is comfortable for hours of playing video games.
5 star
Very comfortable. Easy to put together. Instructions were clear.
It was the best chair i have ever had it wasn't very hard to assemble and its super comfortable, it was definitely worth it.
Chair is a great fit for my son and is excellent quality. Customer service from GTRacing is excellent!
My son loves this chair .. Comfy and great looking. Definitely recommend ????????
Great chair, the plastic base that it comes with is a bit fragile, have since replaced with a aluminum base.
Great product
I have zero complaints. The chair is comfy and fairly priced, and easy to setup.
Easy assembly and very comfortable.
Came damaged
Great chair. My son loves it. Holding up perfectly
Easily Setup in half an hour. Chair looks great and is comfortable. Would buy from again
Amazing for the price. Comfy seat and amazing lumbsr support and headrest.
Great chair to sit in upright.
The looks and features but a little small for big people
Amazing chair once I set up everything to put it together
The chair is easy to set-up. It is awesome that you can remove the headrest and the other pillow. Also, it is great for playing games on the computer.
Great chair. Very comfortable. Support was very helpful sent me out a new back for my chair in no time.
Arrived with no defects, took about 20 minutes to put together by myself. Sturdy, comfy, high quality
Comfortable and affordable
Very useful for scouts who do not want to take the time to sew their badges and patches on their uniforms!! Super easy to use. I have used Badge Magic on my daughter's vest for almost a year with no issues - the badges stay firmly in place (make sure you push down the edges on the fabric, or it will look "loose"). Only advice I have is to make absolutely SURE of where you want to place an item...once you've removed the backing and pushed against the fabric in any sort of capacity, you can NOT re-position the badge easily. I've also used this product to attach patches to my canvas bag with ease. Works perfectly.
Badge Magic isn't cheap, but it's necessary if you have many badges to affix, like I did with my daughter's Brownie (and now Daisy) vest. It takes a little getting used to and a steady hand with the scissors, but once you have it down Badge Magic will make you wish you had discovered it sooner. It basically affixes badges to clothing without the need for ironing or sewing, two things I dislike doing. So far I've found that the Brownie vest and all its badges wash up quite well in the laundry, and none of the badges have dislodged. This is a must have for the parent who can't sew and for badges that claim to be iron on but are clearly not. Badge Magic definitely has been a major time saver for me.
I like this product, it worked well - but I had a devil of a time peeling the layers apart after cutting out the badge shape, to the point where I mangled a cut out trying to separate the layers. That wouldn't be a super big deal, but this stuff is really pricy for just one sheet, so every scrap is dear. Once I managed to attach the patches, though, it's been great. I used it to put colorful patches on my daughter's plain Jansport backpack.
I have used this product to customize a light-weight jacket with some signature patches that I thought would add a nip of stylish spice to the get-up. In terms of ease of application, Badge Magic was a joy to use and adhered the patches within two or three minutes of prep-time. After two seasons, the patches are still holding on quite well. Strategically speaking, I would advice placing patches in areas where they will not receive a great deal of trauma from bends and creases.
At $9.53 a sheet it was a dollar more expensive than the feed store that stocks Scout stuff in my area, but I figured it was totally worth it as this is a "freestyle" blank sheet and doesn't have factory pre-scored marks for the standard Boy Scout patches that I usually have to work around. We've had those on for years and just needed a blank sheet for both new Merit badges and oddly shaped Girl Scout fun patches. Imagine my surprise to find that a "pack" was a whopping 12 SHEETS. This would have cost over $100 at the store.
This product would probably work well on something that is not washed often. I used it on my martial arts gi, which I wash on cold about once a week. I air dry it, so no dryer heat. After about 2-3 washes, the patch has begun to pull away from the gi rather dramatically. Prior to washing, the adhesive did a good job attaching the patch to the gi. I will keep looking for a convenient way to attached patches to martial arts gis!
I don't have a sewing machine so I was going to take my sons scout uniform to a seamstress to place his badges. One of the other moms told me about this stuff so I thought I'd give it a whirl. This stuff is easy to use and a great adhesive. I've washed my sons shirt several times now and there is no lift to the badges. The only thing to watch out for is using your good scissors with this stuff. My scissors are soo gunked up I need to find a way to remove the stickiness. Thus 4 stars. I really like these scissors and I'm sure there's a trick to remove the gunk from them. A tip in the directions would be nice.
This is a super easy item to use and makes putting badges on four vests at a time a breeze. Just trace your badge, cut out the shape, peel one side of paper off, press on the badge and rub (I use a butter knife) and then remove the other side of paper and press where you want it to stick. I rub both the badge and the cloth on the other side of the badge with a knife to help it set. I have found that with time (about 9 wearings across three months in our case) the badges started lifting up at the edges. We have not washed them since I was told that would take all the badges off. With time I'm certain they would pull or peel completely off. That is disappointing. I am now going back and adding a couple tacks to each badge, which makes this not quite as fast or easy, but it does still beat sewing around the full badge.
This stuff is AMAZING!!! I cut to size for some patches on my WWII tanker jacket and the patches are definitely not going anywhere!! Plus I didn't even have to worry about ironing or sewing anything! This is so easy a caveman could do it! xD I would definitely buy again.
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