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medical nonwovens market poised for growth: hygiene awareness, the aging population, hai prevention are among factors boosting growth, and nonwovens producers are taking note by making investments in the market.

by:Ming Yu     2019-11-28
Medical nonwovensencompass is used to prevent infection and maintain hygiene, from surgical curtains and gowns to nursing dressings and adult incontinence supplies, it will all grow significantly in the coming years.
According to a recent report from Portland United market research, the global market for medical non-woven disposable products is expected to reach 9. 6% CAGR (
Compound annual growth rate)
The time period of 2020 will reach $10.
By 2020, 6 billion worldwide.
According to the report, there are 54 non-woven products for surgery. 8% market-
Sharelast, and will continue to lead the market until 2020.
Due to the increase in the aging population and the increase in personal health awareness and per capita medical expenditure, incontinence products will grow fastest in the 20152020 period.
Other findings in the report are the increasing number of hospitals
Acquired infection (HAI)
Will contribute to the growth of the non-woven disposable products market.
Other growth drivers include strict hygiene regulations and an increase in the number of incontinence.
According to the report, North America is the largest market for these products, but Asia-
Due to the growth of medical tourism and the rise of \"advanced hotel services\", the Pacific Ocean is expected to surpass the western mainland in 2020. \" In the LAMEA(
Latin America, Middle East and Africa)
In the region, the demand for medical non-woven products is increasing, \"due to the high prevalence of infectious diseases, the government has intervened through awareness-raising campaigns --
Public initiatives to maintain a healthy environment.
\"Serkan Gogus, CEO of Turkish non-woven fabric producer Mogul, believes that medical care is an area of growth for non-woven fabrics, especially in emerging markets, as income levels rise and health awareness rise, demand for such products will increase.
\"In developed countries, in addition to the current use, new product development including non-woven fabric use is key,\" he said . \".
Speaking of HAIs as a growth factor, Medline, the manufacturer and distributor of healthcare programs, believes that nonwovens are important in terms of prevention.
Mt ms Barbara Cornell said: \"non-woven fabrics definitely have a central position in helping fight against healthcare acquisition infectionsASCP)
SH, vice president of clinical sales at Medline.
\"With more and more new technologies being introduced, hospitals now have costs
An effective way to help combat Thai people in the form of disposable non-woven fabrics.
Products used in Medline to prevent infection include personal protective articles and disposable cleaning and disinfection wipes.
In addition to these items, Medline also uses non-woven fabrics to produce surgical curtains, gowns and sterilized packaging.
\"We have been looking for new fabrics and technologies, but, now, non-woven fabrics are the industry standard for many categories, especially in operating rooms and personal protective clothing,\" Mark of saysMedline Cai Lan, shi Ma, senior product manager.
\"Customers are always looking for more value and performance, and medline strives to have the strongest and most protective fabric in the industry while maintaining user comfort.
\"The company has also been trying the color and look of the fabric.
Cai Meier said this is because patient satisfaction is becoming more and more obvious in hospitals.
\"In addition to traditional surgical Blue non-woven fabrics, they also use fabrics with patterns such as camouflage, pink ribbons and their new pink surgical clothing collection, and some of the proceeds were donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.
Cardinal Health is a medical provider
Surgical products, such as surgical curtains, surgical gowns, masks, sterilized packaging and incontinence supplies, have found that non-woven fabrics are reliable materials widely used in the health care market, showing a growing trend in several categories.
\"Due to changes in the type of surgery, we see small changes in surgical curtains and gowns,\" said Debra shoz, senior vice president and general manager of medical consumables at Cardinal Health . \".
\"Some areas, such as the market for quarantine clothing, continue to grow steadily, while others, such as the market for incontinence, are partly due to an aging population.
Schotz says there are a lot of benefits for non-woven fabrics in the medical field.
\"Non-woven fabric technology provides flexibility in softness, color, and barrier levels, allowing applications to a wide range of medical product categories,\" she explained . \" They are also cost-effective disposable products that reduce the amount of lint compared to previous products, she added.
After acquiring DuPont\'s Sontara business last year, Jacob Holm expanded its products under Sontara, which the Jacob Holm Group has reached out to the healthcare market.
Operating gown, curtain, tape base and other wound care products are available at Sontara-
Focus on soft and comfortable solution, light weight, low lint, special treatment.
\"Healthcare is a key segment of our sontarabusity,\" said Martin Mickelson, CEO of Jacob Holm group . \".
\"Sontara has always maintained a good reputation for high quality and high performance, especially in the operating room
Known for its extreme softness, comfort and breathability.
With the strength of the Jacob Holm innovation platform and our newly established sontara product development team, we will further enhance our position in healthcare.
\"According to Mikkelsen, the new team is currently working to expand Sontara into specific medical applications and is planning to launch several new products within the year.
Although the share of water Spurs in the health care market has dropped to water Spurs over the years, Mickelson believes that this material is of great value.
\"The water Thorn continues to be used in a variety of health care applications.
The unique performance of Sontara and the flexibility of various fiber technologies widely used in manufacturing make a wide variety of high
Custom Fabrics for many different applications.
\"One of the advantages of Sontara is comfort, breathability and softness, and Mikkelsen says it is difficult to replicate these advantages at aspunbond.
In addition, since Sontara is made of cellulose, it provides spiritual and sustainable quality, which is becoming more and more important in the healthcare market.
Halyard Health officially unveiled Kimberly last year-
Clark announces Kimberly, his medical arm-
Clark healthcare was spun off to form an independent company, renamed Halyard Health.
Halyard became an independent listed company in November 2014.
According to Mike Tuck, vice president of global product supply at Halyard Health, the price is $1.
7 billion medical technology companies can now invest to boost their long-term development
Long term growth, when it is part of a much larger company, capital is returned to K-C.
As a company of its own, Halyard Health offers a wide range of medical products, including surgical gowns, surgical curtains, sterile packaging, surgical masks and garments that are non-woven fabrics produced using its interior
\"The non-woven fabric technology provides liquid protection while keeping it breathable,\" Tucker explained . \".
\"This is ideal for hospital use as they provide a higher level of protection and enhanced sterility on cotton, linen and paper --based products.
\"In 2014, the company launched the Halyard air blue high-performance surgical gown.
Tucker says the new product is soft and light, and claims that the dress is four times as protective as a regular dress.
\"This product represents a significant innovation in the protection of the period of surgery,\" he said . \".
Halyard also made product improvements to its disinfection solution.
One of the innovations includes intelligence.
Folding packaging is a disinfection package designed to protect heavy pallets and lenders from tearing during handling.
Freudenberg prioritizes the advanced wound-solving Freudenberg performance material, which produces non-woven fabrics for advanced wound care, traditional wound care, mouth-building care, and transplant therapy, used in the development of advanced recently focused on advanced and active wound care solutions.
\"Water activity and super absorption of non-woven fabrics and antibacterial materials are the fastest growing --
Processed nonwovensand foam, \"said Marcus Simon, manager of the medical business unit at freudberg performance materials.
In fact, Freudenberg acquired polymer Health Technology Co. , Ltd. in January 1. (PHT)
Ebbw Vale in the United StatesK.
He is a leading expert in polyurethane foam for advanced wound care.
Hydrophilic foam solution plays an increasingly important role in modern advanced wound care.
At present, the global market share exceeds 40%.
\"With the acquisition of polymer health technology, freudberg performance materials will be able to deliver our products worldwide --
\"Campaign customers provide additional innovative solutions for modern woundmanagement,\" Simon added . \".
According to simon, PHT\'s Hydrophilic Polyurethane foam system absorbs woundexudate, creating the ideal environment for wound healing, these are the special ones customers seek in woundcare products by accelerating the wound healing process, cool and ensure smooth and unimpeded exchange of gas and water vapor.
\"For mouth making solutions, customers are looking for odor absorbing materials and membranes.
Simon says Freudenberg\'s high-performance mouth-made carbon filter-In a bag--
Designed to remove odor and improve quality of life.
Investing in advanced fabrics in the Middle East (SAAF)
Saudi Arabia is an innovator in the medical and health markets, adding a second line of treatment for alcohol repellent and anti-alcoholic drugsStatic products.
According to general manager Ian Dysley, the new production line is close to full production and will provide more than 1000mt processing capacity to the company every month.
\"SAAF added a second processing line because of the customer\'s needs, and we believe that by installing the processing line next to the new production line at our rabhi factory, \"We can better optimize the quality,\" said Dysley. \"The newstate-of-the-
The art reicoline allows us to take our well-
Further production of MedalonS products with enhanced softness.
As a leading global supplier of barrier fabrics, we believe that the best results can be achieved by jointly developing basic fabrics and processing processes.
\"Another investment this year comes from bayteks, a non-woven producer in Turkey that produces PP spinners, SMMS, PET spinners and meltblown fabrics.
The company installed a hot melt laminate machine at the end of April.
\"With this one, our goal is the medical department for curtains, dresses and all surgical procedures --
SaysMehmet Bozkan, Director of Sales and Marketing, added that the medical market is the company\'s main target at the moment.
\"Medical demand for SMMS fabrics is growing.
\"We are already supplying our materials for medical companies, so this is our complementary product and the added value of our products,\" he added . \".
PLA fusion spray experts provide new technology bio-innovation, a technical design and manufacturing company that produces advanced non-woven fiber products with integrated antibacterial properties, and is taking advantage of its expertise in the medical market.
At, the company launched the BioArmour blood pressure cuff to reduce the spread of infectious pathogens in the blood pressure cuff.
According to the company, thisin-
Class offers a wide range of medical products
Use barriers to prevent hospital infections.
BioArmour blood pressure cuff guard is a disposable antimicrobial sanitary barrier connected to the blood pressure cuff to prevent direct contact between the cuff and the patient\'s skin. Thelatex-
Free shielding material-
PLA fusion non-woven fabric--
Consists of a sustainable bio-polymer that is soaked with antibacterial and antimicrobial agents to mitigate the spread of a wide range of pathogens in a controlled release manner.
Pollutant pathogens-
S. aureus, VRE, c.
Tough and other-
Ease through blood pressure cuff, allow more
Patient use for more than 24 hourshour period.
Biological Pharmaceutical and antibacterial solutions experts cooperate scientifically to develop antibacterial technology.
\"There is nothing more than it [in the market]
KeremDurdag, CEO of Biovation, said.
\"In terms of approval, it is the first of its kind.
The only equivalent product on the market is a disposable plastic blood pressuretime use.
This will be the first non-woven fabric, morepatient, multi-use, multi-
Pathogens approved by FDA 510 k 2 medical devices.
Plastic disposable cuff is not approved by FDA 510 kClass 2.
\"While the cuff guard is available in the EU (
Registered a medical device of the CE class)
Canada and all non-U. S.
On the market, the product is still waiting for FDA approval.
Durdag expects the product to be available in the US. S.
In the fall of 2016.
The company has also been working to develop an advanced wound care dressing that is also going through the FDA approval process.
AllPLA bio-polymer non-woven fabric \"back\"
Build bones with proprietary gel
Cast coating with wound healing agent and antibacterial agent
Durdag says it will be able to be used for low to medium seepage wounds.
The renovation will have a benchmark performance comparable to the current foam, water glue and seaweed based products and will be available in a number of forms at a price much lower than the current existing solution.
This advanced wound care product is expected to be available in the United States. S. and EU by mid-2017.
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