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mad idea for plastic-free rockfort

by:Ming Yu     2019-11-13
Nine students from the Indian School of Management (IIM)
This week, Tiruchi has been trying to raise awareness about the harmful effects of plastic bags through an innovative social initiative.
Harri kishang Sudheer, Shiva Pratikantham Rohit, Tanai Rusheel, Akhil Vishal Rajeev Varma and Merti filed Nak, all MBA students, have set up a booth on the busy NSB Road in the downtown of the city business district, and giving A4-sized non-
Woven Bag for passers-
To make a plastic --
Free Area near Rock Fort.
Start operation on Friday (February 19)
, The initiative is part of the IIM curriculum \"different (MAD)
The team project is designed to allow graduate students to work together on a matter of social importance.
The student team was supported by local authorities and also by company Commissioner M. Vijaylakshmi.
Hari Kishan Sudheer told Hindus: \"We noticed that most of the plastic bags that use a density of less than 40 microns are street vendors . \".
\"Depending on the value of the goods they sell, it is not feasible for them to use plastic bags that are more expensive than their products.
\"Compared to the 40 micron bag sold in Rs, the 20 micron plastic bag takes about 25 paise. 2.
Students bought 1,500 non
Woven bags made by women themselves
Help Group under the Women Entrepreneurs Association of Tamil Nadu (WEAT)
600 of them were presented before Saturday afternoon.
\"We believe that it is critical to keep the supply chain locally in order to reduce our costs and to show Tiruchi\'s shopkeepers that they can also get these items from suppliers near themselves, saying: \"Haji kishang.
These bags are sold for a nominal price.
Students were able to help their suppliers get 10,000 non-copies on Saturday
A shop owner on NSB road sent woven bags through their kiosk Pavilion.
\"We have realized that this work can work in many ways.
\"This is the first time we have seen how the real economy works outside of our textbooks,\" Tanay said . \".
\"We want to connect buyers and suppliers through our kiosk,\" P. R.
Handing out flyers and bags to passers-by.
\"Only when we can give the street vendor ecology
25-friendly options in range
30 paise they will be able to meet their purpose, \"he said.
\"Recently, Tiruchi was named the third clean city in India.
We feel like making it plastic.
\"Free may be a way for us to help its image,\" Tanay said . \".
All six students are from Andhra Pradesh.
Kiosk Pavilion, which starts business at 9: 00. 30 a. m. to 6 p. m.
It is expected to close on Monday.
The students spent some time on Rs.
Set up their booth at 9,000 (
Including bags and rental fees on the sidewalk site).
They plan to charge the wikisorship fee from local agencies to make the next phase of the project more economically attractive.
The results of their project will be published in the form of a report.
Only when we can give the street vendor ecology
25-friendly options in range
They will be able to meet their purpose. P. R.
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