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Indore: Production of non-woven fabric set to get major boost

by:Ming Yu     2019-11-06
The city-
The regional office, headquartered in the EU Ministry of Textiles, has developed strategies to promote technical textiles (non-woven fabric)
Since this part of textiles requires less investment and has a great export potential, it is of great scale in the region.
Gaurav Gupta, deputy director of the regional office, said that some awareness-raising initiatives have recently been taken to encourage entrepreneurs to take risks in producing non-woven fabric.
So far, only nearly 20 units have been producing this fabric in Indore and nearby areas.
\"It is easier to establish a technical textile manufacturing unit because it only requires capital investment of Rs 20 to Rs 1.
The fabric also has great export potential, Gupta added.
Low cost fabric made from non-production
Weaving techniques are used in a variety of items such as bags, surgical masks and hats, seat covers, DVD covers, diapers, pillowcases, shoe covers, etc.
He added that the state and the central government also plan to provide financial support to these units.
With the Indore region becoming a hub for auto parts manufacturers
For their benefit, the manufacturers of woven fabrics may take advantage of this. The non-
Woven fabrics are used by car manufacturers in the manufacture of various components.
The region has well-known manufacturers such as Volvo
At Pithampur and Dewas, Eicher, Mahindra two-wheelers, Force Motors and so on, as well as hundreds of large and small auto parts manufacturers.
According to the Indian textile magazine, \"2035 growth rate
The textile industry will grow exponentially.
However, growth will be much faster as the government moves new.
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