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How many disposable medical pillow are produced by Ming Yu Nonwovens per month?
This year, 2019, has witnessed the expansion of production capacity of disposable medical pillow at Hunan Ming Yu Nonwovens Co., Ltd. Now the monthly output is doubled almost compared to that when we just started the business. This enables us to receive large orders with no pressure. Additionally, we have certain inventories, which are also supplements when the orders have no specific requirements on any indicators. To sum up, we ensure the order processing at high efficiency and the delivery on time.
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Ming Yu Nonwovens is a manufacturer specializing in the design and manufacture of disposable medical pillow. We share the best knowledge base and render highly regarded excellent customer service. The non-woven fabric manufacturing is one of the main products of Ming Yu Nonwovens. We design Ming Yu disposable medical pillow focusing on reducing environmental impacts throughout its life cycle. The product can be used and reused for several hundred times. In order to cater to the requirements of customers, Ming Yu has developed pp spunbond nonwoven fabric with polyester spunbond fabric. The product can be used as insulation and moisturizing covering materials, sunshade materials, packaging materials, etc.

We care about our planet and our living environment. We can all contribute to conserving this great planet by protecting its resources and reducing emissions to it.

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