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arvind enters nonwoven fabric segment, eyes rs100 crore in 3 years | ahmedabad news - times of india

by:Ming Yu     2019-11-09
City of Ahmadinejad
US-based textile enterprise Arvind Ltd. woven fabrics.
Arvind OG non-woven Nonwovens Co. , Ltd-Arvind Co. , Ltd (India)
And OG company (Japan)
Dholka, near Ahmedabad, unveiled its manufacturing plant on Saturday.
The joint venture will produce high quality non-
Fabric for bag house filtration, artificial leather and a variety of other applications such as decorative felt and car interior.
AOG invests 50 rupees and is expected to break even within one year of operation and achieve a turnover of 100 rupees in the next three years.
The factory will produce 1,500 tons of products every year.
In the joint venture, Arvind holds a 74% stake and the remaining 26% is held by OG Corporation.
\"India\'s technology textile market is estimated at Rs 70,000.
The technical textile business of Arvind Co. , Ltd. is Rs 300 and the price is 2013-
We expect it to reach Rs 1,000 by 2017.
18 \"said Punit Lalbhai, executive director and CEO of Advanced Materials division of Arvind Co. , Ltd.
High quality Non
Woven fabric will be produced using needles
Punching Technology of Japan Kureha Co. , Ltd.
The unit has already started production with one line of needles
More production lines will be set up according to demand.
AOG has been customized for installation
A machine designed to meet Japanese standards of quality, capable of handling various fibers such as M-
Acrylic fiber, all together, together
Aromatic ketone (PPS)
Polypropylene and polyester.
\"India\'s technology textile market is still developing.
If we have new facilities, exports will account for 60%.
However, we will also focus on the domestic market . \"
About 50% of raw materials will be imported.
According to rough estimates
The market share of woven fabrics in India\'s technical textiles is about Rs 500, and AOG is expected to receive a market share of 20%.
AOG also plans to enter Africa
Market segments for woven cars
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